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Compress your mobile video files to mp4 (x264 + mp3)

My mobile phone records videos with an astonishing 100MBytes/minute… this is because the video is saved with almost no compression at all… So I made this little script to compress a video file with x264 (video compression) and mp3 (audio compression) and store it in a MP4 container.

It uses the “avconv” executable which comes with the ubuntu package “libav-tools” – if you dont have it, you can install with “sudo apt-get install libav-tools”



Drop a comment if its usefull to you 🙂


find in subdirectories with limited depth

Better take note of this, so next time won’t need to search again for it: how to use find limiting the subdirectories-depth
Use “find –maxdepth <0=no-subdirs,1,2,…>

The info of “man find”, is not very understandable – goes into “find tests” and “arguments”… – so an example was what made it clear for me.

Hope it’s usefull for you too 🙂 – if so, drop a comment, it motivates me 🙂

Testing a VPS machine

Just rented a Vps machine running ubuntu 12.04 lts 32bits… its virtualized with KVM, promissing 512MB Ram, 10GB HDD and 1TGB bw… for 3€/month with a promo until 6/01/2013 (what a bargain!) I can only think they are setting up the VPS service and need “testers”… the site itself is almost naked… and in less than a day, I’ve already experienced the first network-cuttof… but somehow it rocks for a “hobby” server

Well,  I’m very excited… a lot to play bound only by imagination limits 🙂

I’ll leave here some notes about what I did

Well, I’m overthrilled!!!!