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RPM resume diagram

I’ve been reading a bit to take the LPIC-1 certificate – thought it was about time to get some official certificate stating that “all those hours around linux were not about playing games, it made you really learn somethings very usefull”. I already knew it, but the certificate is the most forefront way to show it to other people, and so here we go 🙂

The LPIC-1 seems quite accessible although you do need to read it over and study the details specific for the exam… the interesting content seems to be in LPIC-2 where the administration goes into more interesting services…

Well, the thing is I’ve taken my notes and made this resume-diagram, so I though better to share – here it goes


Not going to rewrite the excellent resumes that can be found in internet (such as http://bobcares.com/blog/rpm-basics/) so straight to the point – the resume diagram.

This resume is only about RPM, not including YUM (RPM is like Debian’s DPKG, while YUM is like Debian’s APT) and is saved as a SVG file and uploaded into a public github-repo so you can easily edit/improve/correct it – If you do so, drop a comment, it cheers up 🙂

Unfortunately WordPress does not allow to post SVG images (?!?) , so I’ve linked to a PNG version (its on github) – hope its usefull to you

RPM resume diagram


Documenting with Markdown, and reading it as webpage

I document my crazy projects with Markdown syntax – it uses only text, but still allows to express a rainbow of effects like *italic* **bold** bullet-lists, hierarquic headings… insert code (multiline or just short-pieces)

I began to do it using Strapdown which is a Javascript library that (among other things) parses Markdown to Html, and enables Syntax Highlight and even Bootstrap Themes (which is more than enough for my requirements)


The template I use is published as a github repo called strapdown_template and is pretty easy to use.


If its usefull to anyone else, or if you know a better way, don’t be shy and drop a comment 🙂