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Kfilebox – dropbox for KDE

There is a dropbox client adapted for KDE – it’s called Kdropbox Kfilebox and runs pretty well 🙂

Kdropbox home.

Has all the normal features, except that the icons are not yet updated in Konqueror/Dolphin when a file is being updated (uploaded/download) as happens with nautilus.

Nonetheless, feels to me that it won’t take long before this minor exception gets fixed…

Oh, and give credit to the guy that created the Kfilebox “Guillermo Amat”, because he did it from his own initiative. An then, after all his hard work, he got an email from the dropbox-officials commanding him to rip away the dropbox name and icon from his Kdropbox Kfilebox.

The guy took it a litle hard and with some reasons… shame on you dropbox-officials, you should be much nicer with your supporters…