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(X/K/L) Ubuntu install: resizing ntfs partition takes too long (check ntfsresize progress, from console with strace)

I was installing Lubuntu in a friends 2003 laptop, and had to resize the existing ntfs partition – after 2 hours of “resizing”, the linux installer was still in the same screen, and we were waiting hopefully¬† – the mouse moved, the window moved leaving a “trail”, but it made us wonder if it was progressing or blocked…

So, after switching to a terminal with CTRL+F1, I could see from “top” that the program ntfsresize was running for 2hours and going… it did not use much CPU or RAM dough, so it most certainly was an I/O speed bottleneck of the hardrive where the ntfs partition was being made.

After more than 3 hours, I started to worry: what if in the end, I discover that something went wrong, and we have to restart it? what if we have to shutdown the pc before it finishes and risk destroying his windows data? That would not be a good start with linux, not at all…

So, with these thoughts, I found that there is a way to snoop the stdoud and stderr of a running process – with strace


…And it did it: ntfsresize is progressing, but it sure takes a LOT of time to finish (like 6 or 10 hours!)

Hope it helps