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git overview

Git is outstanding… so much that at some point, it can get confusing to use it without properly understanding what is happening behind the scenes…

The best tutorial that I’ve found so far, for my level of understanding and my needs, is Vogella’s Distributed Version Control with Git, which is generously available for reading online or in amazon as a kindle ebook

Also found very usefull to see the interactive Git CheatSheet from NDP Software


An option I use a lot is ‘git merge –no-ff’, which does one git merge without fast-forwarding  – see this discussion which explains what is the difference between a merge with fast-forward and a merge without fast-forward. If you endup finally liking this option as much as I do, you can enable it for all your git merge’s, of all your projects (all of it, be aware!) by adding into your ‘~/.gitconfig’ the following:



There – hope it is as useful to you as it is for me 🙂