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Efficient firefox

Scroll with vim-movement keys: h,j,k,l

To scroll pages with h,j,k,l  keys (like vim), I’ve installed the firefox extension vimkeybindings. [1] With it, I can be working in a vim window where I use a lot the h,j,k,l keys, do Ctrl-Tab to switch to firefox window, and scroll around the firefox webpage with the same h,j,k,l keys, without having to displace my fingers to the arrow-keys and back again. I do this a lot, and doing it this way makes it much more fast/uncumbersome 🙂

Also, the default firefox shortcut for the search-bar is Ctrl-j or Ctrl-k, which complements very well with the vim-movement keys 🙂

[1] If you are a vim power user, there are other more-complex firefox extensions that bring more vim-power into firefox. The vimkeybindings is simple and a good match for what I want for the moment.

1 bar for url + search

To make firefox have only one bar for the url and search (like chromium) , I use omnibar


tmux notes

After a long-time relationship with screen I also got to a point when tmux was more compeling… and there I go, into the tmux world, in a peacefull move (nothing bad said about screen ! there are already too much screen-hate-converted-tmuxers…)

Here I leave some personal notes for the switcher:

Configuration files

/etc/tmux.conf    – system-wide

~/.tmux.conf         – user-only

If terminal colors are all messed up (in vim and such)


Documenting with Markdown, and reading it as webpage

I document my crazy projects with Markdown syntax – it uses only text, but still allows to express a rainbow of effects like *italic* **bold** bullet-lists, hierarquic headings… insert code (multiline or just short-pieces)

I began to do it using Strapdown which is a Javascript library that (among other things) parses Markdown to Html, and enables Syntax Highlight and even Bootstrap Themes (which is more than enough for my requirements)


The template I use is published as a github repo called strapdown_template and is pretty easy to use.


If its usefull to anyone else, or if you know a better way, don’t be shy and drop a comment 🙂